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Magnus the Dog

A New Friend

Magnus the dog is afraid of storms and terrified of thunders. But he’s had enough. He has decided to overcome his fear and bravely faces an approaching storm. But in doing so, Magnus is taken across the sky to a world where strange metallic objects cling to his body and giant creatures made of iron and steel haunt him as he tries to find his way back home.

It is a strange day indeed in the life of this lovely Russell Terrier. But Magnus’s odd adventure takes a happy turn when he meets Olivia, a sweet six-year-old girl with a warm smile, and his life is changed forever.



★★★★“Magnus the Magnetic Dog... is full of bright colours and beautifully rendered drawings. Magnus is the undoubted star or the app, with wonderfully drawn facial expressions that just cry out ‘you know you love me!’” - Persian Cat Press